Simplifying YouTube Growth
Simplifying YouTube Growth

What it is:

Smarter Analytics for YouTube



Avatar Shaun Webb

I LOVE THIS THING!!! Seriously!

Avatar Project Success Mastery

YouTube keyword research has just become fun with Morningfame. True, in-depth, logical research. This tool is incredible!

Avatar Ketchup Jo

I really like the interface of Morningfame. It makes YouTube Analytics look so dusty when it comes to a quick glance of how each video is doing.

3 Reasons To Use MORNINGFA·ME

Repeat What Works and Change What Doesn’t

Some of your videos got many views, some got a high watch time, and some just didn’t work. Some videos help your YouTube channel to grow and some do not.

At a glance Morningfame will show you which videos worked and which didn’t. This allows you to easily spot and repeat what makes your videos successful – and try new things instead of repeating what made some videos flop.

Specific Recommendations for Growing Your Channel

To grow your YouTube channel you need to get better at promoting your videos, get your viewers to watch for longer, get them more engaged, and so on. But where is your time well spent to work on improving it?

Morningfame compares your channel with other channels of similar size. With that your statistics are put into perspective and weak spots become visible. Specific recommendations will direct your attention and even suggest how to improve it.

See Your Videos Take Off

To see the view count of a newly published video grow is very telling. Oftentimes, the first 24 hours already show if the video will become a success. Therefore Morningfame closely monitors the first 72 hours of each video you publish on your YouTube channel.

Additionally, you can see how fast your videos took off in comparison. This gives you a better understanding of how well certain video topics resonate with your audience. A crucial insight for moving your channel forward.